Falklands Conservation White-tufted Grebe
White-tufted Grebe

Environmental Research Unit, PO Box 434, Stanley, Falkland Islands

White-tufted Grebe

Podiceps rolland rolland
Local Name: Black Grebe
Breeding Range: Falkland Islands
Length: 31cm.
Falklands Population: ~ 1,000 breeding pairs
World Population: as above (subspecies restricted to Falklands)

The sub-species Podiceps rolland rolland is unique to the Falkland Islands, being heavier and a weaker flier than its South American counterpart. It is widely distributed around the Falklands in coastal creeks, slow-moving streams and freshwater ponds. Floating nests are built under cover of water-margin vegetation during September and October, with 1 to 3 eggs being laid from October to December. Adults dive to feed on small fish, invertebrates and aquatic vegetation. Sexes are similar in appearance. Adults remain in the Falklands throughout the year, and generally retain the same breeding territory. There is no evidence of any population decline over recent years, but the tiny population size combined with a dependency on wetland sites makes the species vulnerable.

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