Falklands Conservation White-rumped Sandpiper
White-rumped Sandpiper

Environmental Research Unit, PO Box 434, Stanley, Falkland Islands

White-rumped Sandpiper

Calidris fuscicollis
Local Name: none
Breeding Range: North America
Length: 17cm.
Falklands Population: ~100,000 non-breeding visitors
World Population: unknown

The White-rumped Sandpiper does not breed in the Falkland Islands, but it occurs in the Falklands in such large numbers during the austral summer that it is included in this book. It is by far the most abundant wader seen around the Falklands during the summer months, being found on mud-flats, estuaries and rocky beaches throughout the islands. It breeds along the Arctic coastlines of North America, and makes its epic migration to South America and the Falkland Islands each year, enjoying the summer in both hemispheres. It feeds in flocks on a variety of invertebrates which it searches for amongst sediments, seaweed, rockpools or coastal vegetation. The Falkland Islands hold the world's most important feeding grounds for this species. Sexes are similar in appearance.

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