Falklands Conservation Striated Caracara
Striated Caracara

Environmental Research Unit, PO Box 434, Stanley, Falkland Islands

Striated Caracara

Phalcoboenus australis
Local Name: Johnny Rook
Breeding Range: Falklands, Chile & Tierra del Fuego
Length: 60cm
Falklands Population: 400 breeding pairs
World Population: ~1,000 breeding pairs

Although numerous in several areas around the Falklands, the Striated Caracara has quite a small breeding population. Major breeding sites around the Falklands and South America are in close proximity to Rockhopper Penguin colonies. Nests are built on cliffs using twigs and vegetation lined with grass and wool. Up to 4 eggs are laid during October and November, with most chicks fledging in February. The feeding bonanza at the penguin colonies is short lived, and adults and juveniles soon disperse in search of carrion and small animals, including invertebrates. Large numbers of sheep, many of which die during winter months, attract the Striated Caracara to adjacent settlements bringing them into conflict with man. Sexes are similar in appearance.

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